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In a way, says Wojtek Felendzer, technical options advertising and marketing manager at Nokia Siemens Networks, these techniques are the largest machines that humankind has ever built, stretching from coast to coast and internationally. Felendzer, Wojtek. Nokia Siemens Networks Technical Solutions Marketing Manager. It won't be lengthy before you begin to listen to more about carriers upgrading their LTE networks to LTE Advanced. Carriers go to battle with one another for that limited spectrum. Spectrum is extravagantly costly. Thus, carriers that want to supply the extra dependable and speedy service lust after spectrum in decrease frequencies. 3G networks reserve the same quantity of spectrum for both sending and receiving information. Instead, networks in every single place are nonetheless a hodgepodge of 3G and 4G, and even 2G technologies and air interfaces. If you are a tech and gadget lover, you'll rejoice on the increasing attain of these wireless technologies - the Internet, and the world, will quickly be at your fingertips like by no means before.

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